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Lisa & Christoph about parenting in germany

Hallo, we are Lisa and Christoph, Florentin’s parent. We are living in Augsburg a mid-sized City in Bavaria, Germany. Florentin was born in August 2013 and is our only child to this date.

The articles in this blog will revolve around family life in Germany. We believe it is interesting to read how things are organized and work out in Germany. Therefore we are not posting so much for our friends, neighbors or family but also for people living in remote spots of the world planing their holidays in Germany or probably thinking about moving here permanently.

Our personal interests and sensitivities will stay on the sideline and we intent to focus on themes like the German family policy and its shortcomings or benefits. This may sound like complaining about first world problems but you know what…even this is somehow Germanic.

Currently Lisa is working 20 hours a week and takes care of Florentin in the afternoon. Christoph is working full time and spents the evenings with Florentin and the wooden railway. From Monday until Friday Florentin goes to daycare 5 hours in the forenoon. The walk from home to daycare is also qualitytime for Son and Dad.

Christoph has been self-employed as a programmer and developer since years. He will take care of the implementation details and try to fulfill Lisa’s wishes concerning the copy and article she provides and the social media channels she manages. Lisa is currently working as a project manager for an agency in Augsburg.

We are looking forward to a lively exchange and dialog with other parents from around the globe and send best regards from Augsburg, Bavaria.

Thanks for reading!