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A pastime singer

There was a time when my only focus was writing and performing music. I seriously considered music as a profession. While not being talented or assertive enough to really push my luck I still spent several hours a day writing songs and practicing. But then life got in the way and lead me along to the place where I am now - caring for a family and rarely finding the time to pick up a guitar and only climbing on the stage on special occasions during open microphone events.

But since last year marked the 25th anniversary of performing my songs in front of an audience I received a very special Christmas present: a video recording session.

“Neon” is one of these recordings. I hope you enjoy the old me fumbling for the microphone to sing a homemade tune.

It seems that most of my life These neon gas station signs Have been the only light up ahead

Reasons for not publishing your children's pictures on the internet

This blog is still young and only contains a few articles. But you might already have noticed that we do not post any pictures of our child. This is not a coincident but a well considered move. We actively decided to not publish any fotos of our son.

Our child is cute

Well of course our little boy is the cutest and most handsome child on the planet. No doubt about it. We are so sure of this fact that we do not need the reassurance and applause of the internet for our son. We know the good looks of our son and so do our family and friends. This is enough.

If we would make pictures of our son publicly available on the internet than everyone could download, steal, or use them. We would not have any influence on whatever happened to these pictures. Therefore we do not post any pictures in the first place.

Content matters

We want to share some details and stories of our lives but mostly focus on our experiences and not so much on our faces. If you do find our stories boring just move on. Those still here: happy reading.

We sure try to spice up our postings with pictures since reading would indeed be a bit boring. We try to think about what pictures we use. We are convinced that our articles still serve their duty without us posting the face of our son.

The kid

A great debate in Germany

Currently a hot discussion is taking place amongst German parenting bloggers wether posting pictured of your children on the internet. Lisa has attended a panel discussion taking place on one of the biggest German business festivals the re:publica in Berlin that concluded that we are part of the minority with our approach.

The parents uploading pictures usually have their arguments.

  • Our children will suspect that we think they are ugly when they notice that all their classmates have cute pictures of themselves on the internet a couple of years from now

  • My articles on the intimate daily routines of our family offer so many insights that I can publish family pictures as well since it makes no difference anymore

  • My children get filmed and recorded in public like e.g in shops and on the streets anyway

In our opinion these arguments are mostly nonsense. The underlying reasons to post these pictures is mostly the fact that they promise more clicks. More clicks equals more money in most cases.

We admit that the mother blogging about her daily routines with a disabled child has a valid reason: “I show pictures of my child on the internet because I want to raise awareness to the theme of living with disabilities. I believe people should be able to see, that we live a normal life. Disabled persons have been hidden away from the public for too long already.”

The career of our offspring

We have seen it all: crying children, sick children, mothers describing the consistency of their offsprings morning shit. The internet never forgets - 15, 20, 42 years from now it will still be possible to find these contents. Awkward scenes on weddings, meetings, or during political campaigns are inevitable.

But we can think of another valid reason not to show the face of our son on the internet: face detection. As soon as a service like Facebook or Google has your photos they are able to recognize you everywhere. This might sound a little strange or even farfetched but these are the facts: we would like to enable Florentin to shape his future the way he prefers. Therefore he should be able to decide for himself should he ever consider a career as resistance fighter and strive for independence if he pleases without his face already stored in every database.

Paraphrasing the argument: we take special care that he does not cut his eyes out by accident with a fork and spoil his spotless career as a pilot as well.

The kid as a resistance fighter

New Year's Eve Traditions

Dinner for one... #mrssophie

Ein von @meet_lisa gepostetes Foto am

Traditions exist almost everywhere but some are inexplicable characteristic for the country for no particular reason and hard to understand from the outside. One of the unexplainable New Year’s Eve traditions in Germany is a vaudeville number depicting a rather unusual birthday party. Our son watched it for the first time this year. Watch out for the tiger…

Living room art

There is this peculiar moment for every parent when you suddenly realize that you are lost between wanting to rant and rave and offering high fives for special achievements.

Discovering a new piece of art on the living room wall is such a moment.

Make your own gift wrap for christmas

When you have access to big sheets of paper you can easily create your own gift wrap with included quarantee to make the grandmas go crazy.

Homemade gift wraps

This is how you can produce your own:

  1. Fix the Paper on the table or the floor (I use masking tape because you can easily remove it again)
  2. Hand pencils to your kids (Since Florentin is only two years old we hand him big wax crayons)
  3. Wait
  4. Remove the masking tape
  5. Wrap gifts

Homemade gift wraps

Since I am a person that tends to think in long term plans, I have been collecting Florentin’s paintings since we seriously started to paint with him. Therefore I now have a nice stack of possible gift wraps that I can use for Christmas and birthday presents of the family.

Homemade gift wraps