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We are Mama Lisa and Papa Christoph. Florentin is our son. He was born in August 2013. We are a family living in Germany. Is this something special? No. But for sure our life is different than family life in Canada, France or the Phillipines for example. Logo

We want to show you how we organize and manage our daily life and how we deal with each other.

These are themes that concern every parent on the globe but we intent to take a special German perspective while looking at the laws and explaining how the state helps our little family and the problems we experience and face.

We will see what else comes to our minds. We enjoy blogging about parenting and family issues. The writing will by the way mostly be Lisa’s duty while Christoph will take care of the programming and translations.

For german readers please visit HausHofKind

We are happy to have you with us on a short stretch of the way.

All the best from Bavaria, Germany

Lisa & Christoph