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The parenting hashtag

During research for this blog I tried to observe different social media channels and plattforms for entries on the subject of parenting.

Heads up: since parenting translates into parenthood, education and upbringing at the same time it is hard to embrace for a native German speaker

Parenting on Pinterest

I would have expected to find info graphics on sleep habits of children while searching for the hashtag #parenting. Or just pictures of delicately arranged food. But instead there are strict rules in todo lists parents have to restain themselves to, like “29 photos every parent MUST get of their baby” or “10 Manners every Child SHOULD know”. Further themes revolve around potty training, time out, and how to teach a toddler to pay more attention. Everything seems to be very rigid and somewhat negative. Thumbs down!

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Parenting on Twitter

Twitter has a lot of nice posts full of really moving words. Amongst some of my favorite examples is this tweet by Everyday Parenting

#Children give us the opportunity to learn #patience.

Twitter will be a standard when looking for inspiration.

Posts on Twitter with hashtag #parenting

Parenting on Facebook

You can find almost everything on Facebook. This is nothing new to me but the diversity surprised me somehow. From ultra devout epigrams to pointers for books on potty training everything is possible. Most of it did not please me very much. By far the most awful entry were handicraft instructions for a time out chair with builtin hourglass

Entries on Facebook

Parenting on Tumblr

My critisism for Tumblr mostly steams form the fact, that a high number of children photos are publicly visible. This is of course the fact with the hashtag #parenting.

I do not like people posting pictures of their children. And this is not only because I believe it unappropriate when thinking about the personal rights of these children but I also disagree with a lot of the pose. You have to be critical of a small girl depicted sleeping half-naked only wearing a diaper. right??

Disgusted Girl

Entries on Tumblr

Parenting on Instagram

We are not on Instagram yet but we will see if this will change over time. Can somebody report on the available contents on the theme of parenting on Instagram?