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The kid is pushing things around

This is just a phase

The mantra of all parents. We have reached the point of no return again, whenever we start repeating our mantra approximately 37 times a day. The reason: our child is rearranging our apartment.

It all began as we moved the bed in the children’s room to a different spot, just to see how it would work out. During the process a couple of things needed to be set aside, the carpet shifted and the whole room vacuumed while at it…he seemed to enjoy the action. Less than 3 hours later he began to rearrange the rest of our apartment.

Our apartement has a beautiful ancient boarded floor. A wooden floor is found in a lot of apartments around here since the houses in our neighborhood in Augsburg are really old. The modern apartments mostly have laminate floors. Trying to protect the parquet we attached felt pads from the local hardware store to every piece of furniture. But this makes it pretty easy to move around as well.

This does not sound so much like a problem? Well if you happen to stumble over your coffe table, need to go looking for your child underneath the carpet or discover the dustbin somewhere unexpected this can get on your nerves pretty quickly.

The kid pushing and pulling things around

This paying tag game has lasted for almost a month by now and I am beginning to wonder how long it will last in the end. You can hardly prohibit the movement of moving pieces and there is not enough space to hide away all the carpets, dustbins, and so on until this phase is over. And since most furniture has its place in the room for a reason I do not want to rearrange them anyway.

Currently our line of attack consists of being fulsome in one’s praise of the fact that something has been put back to its original position. While our boy moves things around we mostly try to ignore the action as we do not want it to become more thrilling than necessary. But does not work out all that well. It is admittedly funny enough to watch mum go looking for the dustbin approximately 8 times a day and putting it back in place.

By the way: we have not talked about the cruising radius yet. We are not referring to a circle of 2 meters. Our child is able to open doors (with the help of a child’s chair) and tresholds are no barriers at all. The waste bin was already been discovered blocking the apartment door, the bin for recycling materials was found in the office and the children’s chairs underneath the kitchen table.

Can someone hint at the deeper meaning behind this strange little habit? Florentin is now 19 months old and some resources point at this behavior as characteristic for children of his age. But no resource mentions why this behavior is developed and how long it will prevail. Time to clean up the mess. Excuse me.