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Second birthday - a band aid and a gorilla

Last month our son turned two, but the party felt like a premiere anyway, since we hardly celebrated his 1st birthday. Yes, he recieved some gifts, but no big party was held. We felt that he was still too young for the big family-meetup not least because he was quite afraid of unknown sounds and noises at the time. And when people meet, there are a lot of noises.

This year we invited the grandparents, aunts and uncles and two other little kids the same age. The biggest surprise was the Punch-and-Judy show my mother planned for the kids. We, the grown ups, enjoyed the play. But the kids didn’t really get it. To be honest: that was the biggest fun!

We also had a lot of cake, candles, and food. We had luck with the good wheather so that most of the guest could be seated in the garden.

Second birthday gifts for little boys

Florentin got a lot of great stuff. Let me tell you about some of the best ones. Spoiler: None of them contained a battery compartement.

The biggest gift is the big digger. And with “big” I mean big enough to sit on it. With two levers you can dig a handful of sand or little stones. What can I say: Florentin went nuts! My sister, she was the giving person, enjoyed the exitement of the little boy. Since the packaging contained the digger in dismantled parts he could hardly wait until the digger was completely put toghether. The next few days he wanted to spent every second in the garden to dig some sand and dry grass around.

After a couple of days he moved the digger too close to the concrete steps at the end of the garden and they both, Florentin and the digger, fell down over the edge. Our son was quite proud of his big bump and showed the band aid to everyone we met.

Big digger falling down

Now that the days are getting colder, we cleaned the digger from the sand so that the kid can play with it inside. Due to the fact that we do not allow piles of sand in the children’s room he must content himself with reenactments of “the fall”.

Since we live next to a small train station were not only passenger trains but also a lot of cargo trains pass by, our son is really in love with trains and railway tracks. So we bought him a wooden train. There is a company that provides different sets with tracks and trains that all fit together. So we just told our family the brand name and now they can provide additional bridges, stations, and trains every now and then.

Trains and rails

In the first days Florentin did not manage to put the tracks toghether since the puzzlepiece linking was too complicated. Therefore he would always get angry and throw the wooden tracks through the room. At first we felt, that he was just too young for this kind of toy. But we continued to show him the right way to put the tracks toghether and he adopted himself very quickly. Now he is playing with his wodden train for hours. What a blessing! The piles of ironing get smaller and smaller since then.

Another great gift was the book “Good Night Gorilla”. We got it from a friend with a same aged daughter (I think like-minded people come up with the best gifts!). The story is about a zookeeper that says goodnight to all of the animals in the zoo. But the gorilla escapes and releases the other caged animals. They all secretly sneek behind the zookeeper and even follow him into his sleeping room.

The book barely contains text and you are able to tell the story with your own words. But it is still a story so you don’t need to be too creative when you are already tired ;)

We read the book together as a family almost every evening. The changing into the sleeping gown and toothbrushing goes pretty smooth since then. No more screaming and running away. The Gorilla really saved our evenings!