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Autumn activities with a two year old boy

We live in the city. The chances to watch the seasons change are considerably less than when being located in a small village. Therefore we are zealous to show Florentin the differences between seasons in every way we can.

Chestnut sheep

And now here it is: Florentin’s second autumn. This time last year he had just learned how to walk alone safely. Everytime he could, he would run away from us to wade through the dry autumn foliage. He enjoyed the rustling very much and it was a joy to watch him until… he stepped in dog poop for the first time.

Luckily i had a plastic bag with me where I put his shoes in. Trying to protect his feet from the cold i put my gloves on his feet. That looked weird in the Kinderwagen but it resolved the situation in a straight format manner. After this first accident it happened again four more times. Can you imagine the great joy of scratching dog poop from a kids shoe…this autumn we focus more on indoor activities.

Chestnut crafting with a two year old boy

Chestnuts can be collected almost everywhere in Bavaria and it seemed natural trying to build something from them. It is easy to drill holes in the chestnuts so you can thread them to a necklace.

We also glued stripes of thin paper to them to form a rocket. Unfortunately Florentin soon threw the rocket into a puddle and the paper lost some of its bright colors.

Chestnut sheep

But the best outcome from the collected chestnuts had my mother. She did handicraft with Florentin and assembled animals from chestnuts and matches. Florentin decided that this is a sheep.

Chestnut sheep

Painting with leaves

I was already looking foward to painting with my kid. Trying to celebrate the autumn season we collected some pretty leafvs while taking a walk. Then I pressed them under a pile of books and a few days later I positioned all the leaves on the kid’s table and covered them with a big piece of paper. everything was fixated with duct tape and we painted over the paper with wax crayons (wich are leftovers from my time at the Steiner School). Look at this great result!

Chestnut sheep

Now I am making plans for snow activities and winter crafting. Do you have any inspiration or specific ideas for me?