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Diaper of horror

During Christmas time every family tries to come to a peaceful, happy and cosy atmosphere. We try to achieve this too. But there is a Christmas dread we really fear to face every year: The diaper of horror.

Last year we ended up with an open window during the diaper changing process (remember: December in Germany is cold!) while one of the big picture books served as a frond and me having an asthma attack. We had never experienced such a bad pop smell before.

Horror on Christmas Eve

What happened?

Just one word: smoked salmon.

It has become a very nice Christmas tradition that my mother in law presents us with a big piece of salmon every year. We really celebrate and enjoy the food by cooking several different meals e.g. with ingredients like horse radish or as a fixing with cram and pasta. This is a tradition Christoph and I settled in the last 10 years.

One of the things you have to do as a parent is sharing every piece of food with your kid. So, of course we shared a piece of salmon with Forentin - just to test if he likes it. Of course he liked it - just like he enjoys olives, gorgonzola cheese and other spicy things we always thought kids would even hate.

Unsuspecting the terrible surprise we would encounter in his diaper on the next morning, we gave Florentin more and more smoked salmon…

This year we already tried to think of ways to keep the salmon a secret. But maybe we are stronger than last year and can stand the changing process with a bit more dignity…?