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The philospher king

Putting the boy to bed:

“Daddy, daaaaaaady”
[moves from the kitchen to the bedroom door, glances around the corner]
“Yes, son?”
“Can we talk?”
“Not like this”
“Closer, you have to be closer”
“..ok, like so?” [moves to the bedside]
“…can you move a little closer?”
“..ok, like so?” [kneels down by the bed]
“…can you move a little closer?”
“Yes, like so…?”[leans into the bed]
“Not this closer, another closer. Can you move a little closer?!”
“I see…” [rests his head on the edge of the bed]
“…” [moves around the bed for the best part of a century]
“Now this is close enough I would imagine…“
“Ok, now talk”
“What do you want to talk about?”
“…” [a silence as deep as the deep blue sea]
“What do you want to talk about?”
“You tell me…yes”
“Oh, well, you wanted to talk to me, son…“
“You say, you say” [the biggest and brightest eyes you will ever see]
“Ok, ok, so…how was your day?”
“…” [a galaxy collapses, dies, and is reborn]
“…ahm, did you have a nice day at the kindergarten?”
“Well, what did you do today?”

The philosopher king