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Pasta Recipe - kitchen fun for toddlers

It is of significance for me that my children learn about the work that goes into the various products of daily life. This is the reason why I love to show Florentin how things are constructed, crafted or cooked. Last week we had homemade pasta.

Christoph and I have some experience with the pasta making process, since we produced quite a bit of homemade pasta around three years ago when we got the pasta machine as a gift from our friend. But when I got pregnant I became too lazy and I also did nott feel like standing for too long. After some time we put the pasta machine away.

Now we have a toddler who claims his favorite food is “pasta with meat”. This is particularly funny because we mostly have vegetarian food due to the fact that Christoph banished meat from his diet almost 20 years ago. But our son’s urge for pasta is an easy one to fulfill.

Ingredients for homemade pasta

  • 1 cup durum wheat semolina
  • 2 cups flour (or pasta flour)
  • 2-3 eggs
  • a handful of salt
  • water (upon need)

Preparation for homemade pasta

Mix all the ingredients together by hand and then knead and work well. Let the dough rest well packaged for some time. We usually leave it for about an hour or at least half an hour.

Now you need to roll out the dough thinly. We have our hand operated pasta machine for that. But you can also use a rolling pin and some brawn.

Homemade pasta

Homemade pasta

When the dough is thin enough you can cut it in stripes or use a ‘pasta bike’ to make a somehow classical pasta form.

Homemade pasta

Homemade pasta

Attention: Handmade Pasta cooks faster than the one you buy. Something between 5 and 7 Minutes is enough!

Homemade pasta

Pasta family fun

We told our kid that we will make pasta on Saturday. So he asked us permanently when Saturday will arrive and talked about the pasta machine. You can imagine how exited he was when I finally installed the machine in the kitchen. Astonishingly - although he is a very smart kid - he did not understand how to rotate the crank. The result was that the process staled now and then but that could not reduce the fun :)