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Story Stones

I am a very able and workmanlike mum sometimes. One of my latest projects are the so-called story stones.

Paint me another train

The idea is not my own invention tough, I found the inspiration in one of the German parenting blogs I follow. This gift idea for toddlers seemed perfect to me since Florentin is already collecting stones wherever we go. So his interest in the actual material is also already an everyday topic in our family.

Painting stones

First of all you have to collect some rather flat stones. I enjoyed that part of the process, because I had to wait anyway while Florentin was making his own choices on which stones to pick as his favorites at every corner. So why not make the most of the time while we are at it anyway? I mostly picked stones in the size of a walnut, but you should simply choose the size your kid can handle well with small hands.

I then bought a set of acrylic paint because it is long lasting on stones. They sell acrylic colors in different quality and from my experience the lowest quality is absolutely fine for stones.

The next step is to rinse and wash the stones with a certain care, especially when you do so in porcelain sink.

When the stones have dried you can start with the painting. I choose the following pictures and symbols:

  • numbers from one to nine
  • snowflake and snowman
  • boy and girl
  • flower and tree
  • house
  • raindrop and cloud
  • rabbit and bird
  • and some more

Paint me another train

When I was done with the painting I sprayed the stones with fixative to make the colors stay longer. Be careful with the spray and better use it outdoors or with the windows wide open.

Story Stones as a gift

Florentin got his stones for his second birthday. Also his friend Helena was presented with a handful. The two of them were born in the same month. At first the were not very interested. Of course I was sad about the disinterest because of all the work that went into producing them. A few days later I caught Florentin throwing his stones around so I put them away. A few weeks later he asked for them and played very careful with the stones. Since then he puts them in and out of the little sack and puts them in lines. They are also loaded very carefully on little trucks with the help of his toy construction machinery.

Paint me another train

I have a feeling that the motives do not matter much as long as they are colorful and delightful to look at.